At Josh Colegrove Productions we work locally and internationally on inspiring and creative film ventures. JCP has collaborated on projects for companies such as: Sony, Reef, Red Bull, Compassion International, World Vision, The Wuss Productions, Hamboards, Jesus Culture, Voda Films, The Mission and more.

Type of work we do:


Website content development

Promotional videos



Social justice 

Why We Do It:

We are passionate about capturing authentic beauty, pursuing dreams, collaboration and telling stories that inspire. We are committed to truly living life to the fullest together and seeing others do the same. Let us pursue your dreams with you by capturing the true unique essence of your vision through film. 


Who we are: 


Josh: Cinematographer

Josh founded JCP in 2010. He began his career in the film industry in 2006 as a cameraman and editor, and since that time he has grown in passion and skill, gaining additional experience in: live broadcast and studio production, documentary style story telling, timelapse production, and more. Josh is not a one man show, he loves collaborating with the visions of others and seeing their dreams come into reality. 

Specialties: International travel, a good story, social justice & timelapsing the world. 


Sarah: Creative Director

Sarah is gifted in story telling, creative non-fiction writing, and strategic thinking. She has been working with JCP as a cinematographer and creative story consultant since before Josh asked her to marry him in 2013. Sarah has the talent and the passion to see and draw out the essence of her clients and creatively convey their unique expressions.

Specialties: International travel, creative writing, & social justice